Freedom Worship Alliance at Quantum Joy Acres, LLC

Freedom Worship Alliance

Spiritual support for your journey

The soul is real, its aim is to realize itself. Its liberation, its freedom, harmony and peace, all depend upon its own unfoldment. Freedom is the soul's true nature.

~Hazrat Inayat Khan

Energy Medicine works directly with the Luminous Energy Field (LEF), an energetic matrix that surrounds and informs our physical, emotional, psychic and spiritual world.

I will use ancient and contemporary healing tools to facilitate clearing, re-balancing/resetting your energy.

A Gene Keys Guide's ambition is to maintain an open heart, and striving for embodied presence, thus being a beacon of light during uncertain times.

Offering a weekly online Gene Keys book club and meditation.

Kalimullah reads children's book from different faith traditions.  These are pre-recorded and ready to listen to!

Death Cafe

As death is often a "taboo" subject, and yet also a very real part of our existence. The goal of this event is to bring balance to our awareness, so that we are more comfortable embracing a vibrant life.

This is a monthly online chat. Grab a cup of tea or coffee, and pull up a chair.  Each month we will start with a different topic as a conversation starter.

Sufi Chanting

Just chanting...for the sake of opening up to the Divine flow.